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A few years ago, after ending a toxic relationship, I was looking for a support system that shared my same passion, motor sports.  Winter was right around the corner, so I joined a women’s snowmobiling social media group and was fortunate enough to connect with some like minded people. 


A few months later, on a road trip to Quebec Canada for a backcountry snowmobile weekend, I realized the vibe of the group was not one I could support and the idea of Let ‘Er Rip was born. 

Let ‘Er Rip was created as an outlet for women, men and the next generation who wanted the thrill of motor sports without the negativity. A welcoming safe place to connect and learn from one another.  Throughout the winter I host backcountry snowmobile clinics in Maine and during the summer I will help you gain confidence and skills while riding your motorcycle. 

I have been lucky enough to meet some incredibly inspiring people on my journey; and I want to meet you! I want to welcome you and encourage you to grow your skills and never stop trying.  Take the leap outside your comfort zone and Let ‘Er Rip tater chip! 

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